Bullrun Babes – Blockchain Game: Bringing the Crypto craze to the mainstream

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The future of gaming is becoming more and more digital. In a time where the internet is almost omnipresent, it makes sense that video games are transitioning from physical to virtual. We’ve seen gaming become more social and even more collaborative through platforms like Twitch. Now, blockchain technology is helping to drive an entirely new era in gaming. From MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) to VR and AR, the ways we play are growing exponentially. Read on as we explore the latest trends in blockchain gaming, including new cryptocurrency tokens you need to know about. If you’re interested in learning how blockchain is transforming the future of gaming or have a project of your own that needs funding, keep reading!

How Blockchain Is Transforming Gaming

If you’ve been following the blockchain gaming trend over the past few years, you’ve witnessed a dramatic transformation in the gaming industry. At first, blockchain’s impact on gaming was small. Then, it started to grow exponentially. The biggest reason blockchain has become so important for gaming is because of its ability to transform the way games are played, distributed, and monetized. Gaming on blockchain opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities – and it’s only just beginning. For example, blockchain’s core technology, decentralized consensus, is revolutionizing the gaming ecosystem by allowing users to own their data. Before, gaming companies owned all of your data – including your gameplay data, which they could sell to advertisers. Now, you can own this data yourself in a decentralized ecosystem, which allows for a whole new way to monetize gaming.

What are Bullrun Babes?

The current hype in the NFT collection fad is Bullrun Babes. These digital collectibles showcase female personalities based upon preferred items or individuals within the blockchain space.

When purchasing these digital antiques on the Ethereum blockchain, early adopters get the most inexpensive ones. At the minute of creation, the rate already enhanced from 0.3 ETH to 1.21 ETH per collectible.

According to the DappRadar app tracker, 991 customers have actually currently obtained Bullrun Babe’s collectibles. The app tape-recorded greater than $5 million in transaction volumes in the past 1 day at the time of writing. For more information about Bullrun Babes, You can check the amazing website p2e.game. They have all the latest information about Bullrun Babes.

Bullrun Babes Circulation

In complete there are 8888 distinctly generated Bullrun Babes collectibles, being available in 3 various rarities: rainbow, gold as well as ruby. The distribution between these 3 is 86% for a gold card, 11% for a ruby card, and 3% for a rainbow card. On top of that there are 11 tale cards, and also one of them includes a physical collectible that can be retrieved by the proprietor of the NFT.

In complete 8118 cards are offered through this sales technique. In enhancement, collection agencies can exchange 10 gold cards for one ruby card. In that case, the gold cards will certainly be burned, and also the investor will certainly receive their ruby card.

The circulation between these 3 is 86% for a gold card, 11% for a ruby card, and also 3% for a rainbow card. In enhancement, enthusiasts can trade ten gold cards for one ruby card. In that situation the gold cards will certainly be melted and also the investor will get their ruby card.


In the not-too-distant future, blockchain will be powering nearly every industry – and the future of gaming is no exception. Gamers can expect to see blockchain penetrate even further as gaming companies look to use blockchain tech to provide better gaming experiences. The ways we play are growing exponentially, from VR and AR to blockchain-powered decentralized gaming platforms. And that’s just the beginning of what’s to come.

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