Cool backpack design

In this app, there is a choice of backpacks that can help you design the bag you want. May be useful.

What is Backpack?

A backpack or backpack is a container or place used on someone’s back that is protected by a rope extending vertically over the shoulder. According to Wikipedia A backpack—also called knapsack, schoolbag, rucksack, rucksac, pack, sackpack, booksack, bookbag or backsack—is, in its simplest frameless form, a fabric sack carried on one’s back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders, but it can have an external frame, internal frame, and there are bodypacks. Some Backpacks have an amazing design or some look so simple. But you can choose wide range of amazing designing backpacks from runns.se. They have too many amazing designing backpacks.

Backpacks are commonly used by hikers and students and are often preferred over handbags for carrying heavy loads or carrying any sort of equipment, because of the limited capacity to carry heavy weights for long periods of time in the hands. Large backpacks used to carry loads over 10 kilograms (22 lb), as well as smaller sports backpacks (e.g. running, cycling, hiking, and hydration), usually offload the largest part (up to about 90%) of their weight onto padded hip belts, leaving the shoulder straps mainly for stabilizing the load.

This improves the potential to carry heavy loads, as the hips are stronger than the shoulders, and also increases agility and balance since the load rides nearer the wearer’s own center of mass.

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