Icebreakers – Conversation Starters & Group Games

You’ll never have another dull moment at a party or get-together! The Icebreakers app is the all-in-one party game pack that provides countless hours of entertainment using 10 classics you know and love.

Choose from titles like Truth or Dare, Simon Says, and Think Fast with 30 different game modes and 1000s of questions, tasks, and dares. Stop downloading and switching between multiple apps to play your favorites with family and friends. Icebreaker guarantees you’ll be the next game night superstar!

Playing with a new group of people you want to get to know better? We recommend using Chit Chat to get the conversation flowing! Who knows? You may even learn a thing or two about yourself! You can also check the funattic to know more about Icebreakers for Teens.

Icebreaker’s list of 10 exciting games includes:

Long Shots ———- Do you know the answer to this one? It might be a long shot. Put your trivia skills to the ultimate test using this game of random hard questions that will reveal some interesting facts.

Would You Rather? ———- Spark a debate, decode how your fellow players think, and ponder some of life’s most insane questions. How will you choose to answer these impossible dilemmas?

Never Have I Ever ———- The hardest part about this game is coming up with good questions. Now Icebreaker has you covered. The classic Never Have I Ever has been spiced up with a list of juicy questions that will have you learning more than you bargained for.

Most Likely ———- Another game that’s great for getting to know what you and your fellow players think about each other. Who’s most likely to rob a bank, make it big, or get away with murder? Can you convince everyone else that you’ve got the best answer?

Sound Bites ———- Ever played charades? Then you’re ready for Sound Bites. Instead of words, we’ve put a spin on this classic guessing game by giving you very distinct sounds to work with. Will you rack up more points?

Chit Chat ———- Starting and keeping a discussion going isn’t always easy, but with Icebreaker, all the starters you need are just a few taps away. Hone your conversation skills by having more intentional exchanges and expanding on topics in thought-provoking ways.

Truth or Dare ———- Answer a question or take on an embarrassing challenge – the most exciting game of Truth or Dare you’ve ever played awaits! Are you ready to bare your soul, or would you rather show everyone what you’re made of?

True or False ———- Was the can opener invented half a century after canned foods? Are you sure? In True or False, it’s up to you to decide whether a statement presented is a truth or a lie. Always remember: truth can be stranger than fiction.

Think Fast ———- In Think Fast, you win by being different. Write a list of words based on predetermined rules and hope no one else thought of it. You won’t get points otherwise.

Simon Says ———- Following simple instructions isn’t always as easy as it seems. Did Simon tell you to do it, or was it a reflex response? Simon Says to try Icebreakers and tell us what you think!COLLAPSE

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